Thursday, March 7, 2013

Kiram III calls for ceasefire, reported by Philippines news this evening.

this might be a victory on our side, and congratulation to our boys and girls for doing great job defending our country.

and now, something whispered in the net that, the UN will lay they hands into this issue.

to think that how fast the UN to come down and get involve in this issue, is terribly horrifying me. wouldn't you guys feel the same?

I've got a feeling this wont settle the way we want it. some dirty hands is surely already involve in this matter.

Pray for our side. May god bless us all.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dia jadi macam ni kau tau?

Sepohon pokok kelapa, tanggung semua. semua jenis dia tanggung. sakit dia, kau sorang je lah yang tau.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Seorang tua bernama Donovan Darkwan bekongsi pengalaman 30 tahun lepas:

Okt 2005.

baru 6 bulan lps keje kat KL. ter'accident' pulak masa nak pegi keje.

takde kawan. ada la sorang. tu pun bangla.
takde duit sgt.
sepi gila.

kat sepital, nurse tanya sape akan amek aku lps accident nnt. aku cakap, "naik teksi". nurse balas "takde awek ke. laa kesiannya"

oh .. rasa nak menangis kau tahu? *drama swasta sket hak3*

"sudikah awak jadi awek saya? dah la caring, comel pulak tu" tapi aku tak cakap, kata-kata itu cuma tersekat di halkumku saja.

nurse tambah lagi, "duduk la wad sehari. teruk ni". aku cakap "takpe, saya okey *sambil mengelap darah keluar dari hidung*. padehalnye, takde duit :(

balik rumah, osmet tanya "nape tu wan?". aku tumbok jugak mamat ni tp dalam ati je la. "eksiden, kat sg way dpn kilang arak tuh". "oh, sikit je ni", katanya. ishh aku libas jgk mamat ni kang.

bbrp hari lepas eksiden pegi farmasi, nak beli dressing etc. masa nak bayar, tanya kaunter "berapa ye?". "rm17 dik," kata pembantu kedai. aku bukak dompet, kira duit "emm .. alamak .. duit tak cukup" sambil aku mengorak langkah nak letak balik bnda2 yg aku nak beli tu.

"takpelah dik, ambik je, bg apa yg ada".
"betul ke ni?"
"betul, takpe .."

kau tahu perasaan apa itu? perasaannya seperti ade kat pentas yg gelap tapi spotlight fokus kat ko sorang je yg tengah terduduk tiba-tiba lampu tu membesar dan pentas kembali terang.

" Allah tidak memberati seseorang melainkan apa yang terdaya olehnya. " [Surah Al-Baqarah, 2: 286]

=> padahal seorang lelaki Muslim x patut rasa sunyi. tiap 5 waktu disuruh berjemaah di masjid. boleh berdamping dg Allah dan bersahabat dg manusia bila di masjid. kalau x reti bersahabat mcm aku ni, sendiri yg salah, bukan salah sape pun.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

The people of the art in malaysia have a big hatred on that old possum Rais in the government. he's done nothing but damages to the art and communication of this county. there is so many talent in this country, yet they cannot do anything to shine in this country. the reason for this crappy industries remain the same over and over the years..

and yeah. UMNO people still the same. maybe the art is nothing to them, but thru some wanky art, the oppositions have attract the new generations of this country. compare the effectiveness of oppositions strategy's thru art and the government, even they controlled the mainstream media, they cannot beat the good of oppositions strategy's.

what a lack of energy and idea of government media planners.

Monday, November 26, 2012

The world we live now, is the world of lie. It is our lust that created the world we live now. Most people live normally, thinking that their up to the society standard, while the rest just live randomly in this creepy world.

We work, we study, we live, we do this, do that, but more importantly, why?

God already remind us, the world just a temporary, a stopover while the real destination is heaven. Yet, we forget it so many times.

My eyes said that diamond is the most valuable things to the world, so valuable even we could shed others blood to gain this tiny shiny stone.

My brain said we could talk about how to live in chapter two of our life, while the chapter one is still in progress and we couldn't even understand it, yet.

My ego said i'm normal according to the people, by having this and that, but does this make me normal in front of God?

Your eyes deceived you more than you could expect. You're driven by your ego, and live in other people shadow. What is to expect more?

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Just changed my address from into

#gonna loses many viewer starting in 1... 2... haha. screw you, admin!
I didn't know if this is true or not. But by looking at this, I cant find any appropriate words to say. Anger is our favorite friend.

#Who ever he is, he deserves a kick. In the face. Respect people, and people will respect you. Love other people, and you'll be loved by them. Respect humanity.